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Digital Video Magic has been converting VHS, along with several other formats, to DVD for the past few years, but increasingly more as people realize that VHS are not as reliable. The magnetized film type found in VHS tapes tends to degrade which decreases the quality of video. It also becomes brittle over time and has a greater chance of breaking. VHS tapes also have moving parts that are susceptible to malfunction the more it is played. DVD’s have no moving parts, offer far better playback options, and provide for a better format to store high quality audio and video files. If stored properly a DVD has the life expectancy of up to 100 years.

VHS to DVD Transfers

Perserve your memories, Transfer your VHS Tapes to DVD Discs

-Custom Titles

-DVD Chapter points

-No Loss of Quality

-Affordable Pricing

-Don’t wait

Transfer Rates

VHS Transfer

$25ea for any tape up to 2hrs

$20ea for 10 tapes or more up to 2hrs

$10ea for any tape after the first tape with a total runtime of 2hrs

$5ea for a DVD copy (printable title included)

Mini DV and VHS C

$30ea for any tape up to 2hrs

High 8

$30ea for any tape up to 2hrs


$50ea for any reel up to 15mins (optional added background music)

* Not responsible for Damaged or brittle tapes.

Custom Editing

Delete a Scene

$10 a Cut

Combine Scenes

$10 an Edit

Involved Custom Editing

$75 an hour

VHS Repair

$25 a Tape

Free Shipping for orders over $300

Standard Shipping Rates Apply

Free local pickup and drop off within 25 miles (minimum $100 order)